Thanks to all our classmates who helped make this reunion a success!  Here it is by the numbers (approximations):  Classmates - 780, Located - 440, Missing - 230, Deceased - 107, Friday night attendance - 250, Saturday night attendance - 175 (115 classmates)


Fun Memories of our 50th reunion

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List of Deceased Classmates

Please also remember these classmates who are new additions to the deceased list since 9/1/19:

Alan Lagorin (9/5/19)

Shirley Webb Calkins (2016)

Deceased Classmates (pdf)


About Our Reunion


Let's Celebrate!

It's been 50 years !! Let's celebrate this opportunity in life and come together to see old friends and even make some new ones, have some laughs, enjoy good music, and just have fun!


Reunion Events

Friday, July 26, 2019:  An informal gathering at the Winking Lizard in Lakewood at  5:30pm - ?  14018 Detroit Avenue.  A full bar and food menu available for purchase.

Saturday, July 27, 2019: 10:00am Tour of LHS.

Saturday, July 27, 2019: Cocktails, Dinner, and Dancing at Cleveland Yacht Club in Rocky River at 6:00 pm - 12:00 am.  200 Yacht Club Drive, Rocky River, OH.  Cost is $50 per person plus an open bar that is CASH ONLY.

 Please check back here for updates.


What to do now......

*Mark your calendar and make plans to attend!

*Email  us at with your contact information, or fill in the "Contact form" below.

*Subscribe below to receive email updates.  

*Encourage other classmates to check this website and join you at the reunion!

*Check back here for updates.

* Send your check to LHS Class of 69 Reunion, 18990 Rockcliff Drive, Rocky River, OH 44116, $50 per person payable to LHS Class of 69 Reunion.  


Bruce Akins                   Barb Kayne                          More attendees :               

Patsy Arbuckle              Paul Kennedy                       Mark Blakeslee                  

Deborah Brown             Marshall Kerr                       Tom Bliss

Barbara Bruce               Valerie  Koenig                     Bob Carr             

Don Calkins                  Dale Komives                        Colleen Conry

                                       Sheryl Kovach                       Patty Conry

John Carpenter             Jeff Kreis                                Maggie Constandinidis

Julie Chrisman             Betsey Kuhlman                    Ron Dudik

Kathy Cunningham      Marjorie Lee                          Jane Geiger

Donna Danley               Evon Lineburgh                    Nancy Gottschling             

Bill Dorsch                     Sally Marton                         Paul Gresh

Tim Doyle                      Karen Maxfield                      Ken Hlavacik

Wendy Eggers               Kathy McGuire                      Brenda Lindsley

Mark Evans                    Marilyn Metcalf                    Doug Little

Ann Fletcher                  Judy Moses                           Vern Mattson                           

                                        Judy Nicholson                    Peter Murphy

Richard Foote                John Noran                          Paul Nicak

Marcia Gaydos               Carol Norton                        Robert Pipak

Tom Gaydos                    Shelley Paul                        Jack Schmucki

Leslie Gajzer                   John Reidy                           Frank Shoemaker

Celia Glover                    Tom Rich                              Carol Wade          

Gregg Gottermeyer          Gary Rice                           Gary Walker

Nan Hall                           Marty Rice                          Lucinda Walker

Vicki Hardesty                 Gary Rossen                        Wendy Warner

Laura Hendershot           Mike Sarsycki                      Phil Winegarner

Tim Hennie                      Scott Sheridan                    Bill Wing

Cindy Hilty                       Janet Shobe                         Gail Yoder

Tim Hinshaw                    Larry Sorrels                       Barb Zirke

David Huffman                John Standen                        

Karen Jasica               Gerry Stupiansky                      The Latest (as of July 1)

Bob Jones                        Tom Tubalkain                Louise DeBell             Mary Ellen Mandley

                    Kathy Walker                                        Margie Diebolt          Charles Murr

                     Marjorie Walton                                   Michelle Halasy        Dan Omalia

                    Greg Welfare                                         Nick Hamper            Martha Ritz

                      George West                                       Fred Hillow                Chris Scholl

                     Jeff Westfall                                          Reyman Janes          Bing Staley

                                                                                   Ling Jeung                Doug Tober


These classmates have already sent in their payment and are looking forward to seeing YOU at our 50th reunion!  We have extended the payment deadline until July 1, 2019, so you still have plenty of time to send your check for $50 per person, payable to LHS Class of 69 Reunion, to 18990 Rockcliff Dr., Rocky River, Ohio 44116.

Things to do around town

Eats and drinks in Lakewood


The Melt Bar and Grill

Angelos Pizza


Malley's Ice Cream


The Winking Lizard

Pier W



Remember Hixons?  It hasn't changed!

Crocker Park in Westlake

Old Rocky River and Beachcliff Market Square

Geigers in Lakewood

GV Art in Lakewood



Rent a kayak or paddle board on the Rocky River

Go to Huntington or Edgewater Beach

Golf in the Metroparks

Go bowling at your old haunt

Walk the Lakewood Park Solstice Steps

Cedar Point



Don't miss going to the Flats!

Check out East 4th Street for food and fun

Rock Hall of Fame

The Science Museum

The Art Museum

Playhouse Square Theater District 

Hard Rock Casino



Thursday night at Edgewater Beach features food trucks, and live music.

Tuesday, July 30 - The Indians will be playing the Houston Astros



 - If you can help us find any of the following classmates, or see your own name on the list, please contact us through this website.  If you are on this list and have received the reunion information, please let us know because your address has not been confirmed.  Thanks.

Missing Person’s List             Married Name


Anderson, Danae (Candy)                Sutton 

Atwell, Jeffrey

Bade, Rebecca                                   Dina 

Barrett, Eileen 

Bechtel, Gerald - found

Benning, Anne Marie                       Szierer 

Biggs, Robert  - found

Block, Kevin 

Bohm, Ellen                                     Laybourne 

Bozak, Gary 

Braat, Raymond 

Bragg, Janice 

Brown, Kathleen  - found                 Stein 

Buffington, Kevin 

Burgett, Linda 

Burkhardt, Kathleen 

Buyers, Pam  - found                      Vargo 

Campbell, Deborah                         Cain? 

Carey, Patrick 

Carlson, Matthew 

Carrie, Nancy 

Coleman, James - found

Compter, Bev  - found                     Findlay 

Connelly, Myra                              Lantzy  

Cook, Steven 

Cornelius, Richard - found (deceased)

Costello, Caren 

Cowden, Thomas 

Cullen, Barb                                  Jones 

Cunningham, Linda 

Davis, Albert 

Deetz, Eileen 

DelGuidice, Antonette 

Deszi, Barbara                              Durietz 

Dickey, Pam 

Diebolt, Margaret   - found            Klayko 

Dietrich, George - found

Dillon, Marilyn                            Porter 

Doyle, Tim  - found

Duerk, Debra - found                   Luckey            

Dunnaway, Judith                       Bartel

Eadeh, Sam 

Edgell, John 

Edwards, Nancy

Effinger, Linda

Eggleston, Laura - found             Johnson

Eldred, Jane 

Elfers, Laurel  - found (deceased)  Weaver 

Elliot, Patricia                             Knotts 

Engleman, Robert 

Evanko, Helen                             Blumfield 

Ferguson, Carl 

Ferguson, Donna                        Karnavas 

Ferguson, Gloria   - found          Anderson 

Finlayson, Barbara                    Bergey? 

Flatico, Sandra 

Flynn, Tom  - found (Deceased)

Folk, Vivian  - found                             Hulse 

Ford, Karen 

Fristik, Raymond 

Frisz, John

Furgales, Ronald - found

Gadd, Deborah

Gaydos, Karen                           Exlos 

George, Marilyn                         Miller 

Glodich, Joseph  - found (Deceased)

Gnuschke, Susan 

Gonzales, Cynthia

Grimm, Joanne                          Bowman 

Halasy, Sherrry

Hametner, Deiter

Hampel, Clara 

Hannan, John 

Hayes, Terrance 

Hays, Deborah 

Hayes, Margaret

Hennie, Timothy  - found

Herman, Michael 

Heywood, Paul 

Hoff, Timothy 

Hoffa, Christine

Holwerda, Margery                    Dzenowski

Hostetler, Barb

Houlehan, Michael 

Howes, Ralph 

Hromyak, Richard

Hudy, Richard 

Hughes, Deborah 

Hurd, Michelle 

Jacobs, Barbara                         Calder 

Jacobs, Cynthia                          Howey 

Jacobson, Joel 

Jarvella, Cliff  - found (deceased)

Jason, Joanne 

Jensen, Margaret 

Jones, Mark 

Jones, Reba                                 Yafanaro 

Joseph, Patricia 

Kandalec, Raymond 

Keegan, Joseph

Keegan, Steven 

Keene, James 

Kegg, Nancy                                Shannon 

Kendall, Patricia                         Gear 

Kerrigan, Eileen                          Crable 

Kessler, Georgia

Kilbane, Judy                              Bacho 

Kilbane, Karen                            Beluscak 

King, Eileen                                Simpson 

Kipling, Pamela

Kirby, Joanne                              Frost  

Kirch, Beverly - found                  Murphy 

Kirk, Frances                              Hersh 

Klein, Donna                               Moore 

Klemola, Elsie                             Lockhart 

Kocian, Kay                                Treanor 

Kosanovich, Kendel 

Kosowskyl, Lawrence 

Kost, William 

Krivonak, Kathleen -found          Hicks   

Kukowski, Dianne                        Scott 

Kwong, Shan                               Lao 

Lachowicz, Richard 

Lane, Charles 

Lawless, Susan  - found                            Nickels 

Lazor, Ernest 

Lee, Gary 

Lehman, Nancy

Lesko, Sharon

Liebtag, Louise                              Kuenzle

Lindsay, Emery 

Litvin, James 

Logan, Marcia 

Lui, Juliana 

Luko, Eva 

Lynch, Mary Ellen                         Finnerty 

MacDonald, Lynn                          Poirer 

Mannino, Richard 

Marcis, Sally  - found

Marosek, Gerald 

Matti, Timothy 

Maves, Janine 

May, Robert 

Mazzei, Rosemary 

McDowell, Gary

McIuan, Barbara 

McMahon, Larry

McMahon, Brian

Meehan, John 

Metheny, Kathleen 

Mihal, Charles 

Miller, Claudia                           Perez 

Miller, Frank 

Miller, Suzanne                          Baker 

Mooney, Kevin 

Morsefield, Jeffrey

Mueller, Phyllis 

Musser, Ronald 

Newton, Joette 

Norman, Helena  - found

Olecki, Arnold 

Olecki, Darlene                         Schoch  

OMalia, Brian

Omillion, Wanda 

O’Malley, Michael 

O’Reilly, Cheryl                        Luketic 

Osborn, Alan 

Otto, Ann 

Pappas, Mary 

Pardo, Patricia  - found  

Parnell, Mark 

Patty, David 

Peters, Pamela

Phelan, Kenneth

Plosick, Norman 

Polony, Andrew 

Pressler, Carole                           Lavrisha ? 

Redhead, William Burke 

Reid, John 

Reilly, Patricia 

Reisland, Thomas 

Rice, Leslie 

Robins, Kathy

Robinson, Mary 

Rowe, Kathy                           Mitchell 

Ruehle, James

Ruehle, John 

Sardenell, Joan 

Sargeant, Joyce                      Alameda 

Schlecty, Gretchen                  Tolson 

Schlueter, Deborah                 Ranahan, or Baller 

Scholz, Barbara 

Schuler, James    

Scott, Mary Ellen                   Roache 

Scripp, Judy 

Scullion, Robert 

Simmons, Susan 

Smith, Dennis 

Smith, Linda

Smith, Sandra                         Hogue 

Snarsky, Carl 

Spotts, Richard 

Stang, John 

Stanley, Barbara                      Gray 

Steglat, Jan                              French 

Stoking, John 

Streeter, Melvin 

Stromberg, Jerome 

Supina, Cynthia                       Toncic 

Szalay, Bonita 

Tanski, Timothy  - found

Thomas, Bart 

Thompson, Thomas 

Tighe, Sharon                          Janesz 

Tobia, Fred (Tobeya) 

Tolle, Daniel 

Trendel, Audrey 

Tyna, Regina                            Collins

Uebbing, Larry 

Van DerWyst, Cheryl 

Vargo, John 

Varney, Rodney

Vrabec, Lynne 

Webb, Shirley      found (deceased) Calkins         

Welling, Paula  

Williams, Craig 

Willkomm, Jacqueline               Frimel 

Wochkovich, Thomas 

Yee, May 

Young, David 

Zoldak, Sandra                         Rauh 

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Lakewood High Class of 69